About Facebook


How do I start using Facebook on DiscoverText.com?
If you already have a Facebook account, just click the "Connect with Facebook" button on the DiscoverText.com home page or login/registration page: After you connect to Facebook, you'll be able to login to DiscoverText.com using your Facebook login. If you don't have a Facebook account, simply log in to DiscoverText.com as you normally would.

How does my DiscoverText.com profile overlap with my Facebook profile?
When you connect your DiscoverText.com account to your Facebook account, we will import your Facebook picture and user name, and any other information you allow into your DiscoverText.com account. You can change your DiscoverText.com profile information at any time by clicking "My Account" on the DiscoverText menu. Changes you make on DiscoverText.com will never affect your Facebook profile.

Connecting With Facebook

How do I connect my Facebook account to my DiscoverText.com account?
If you already have a Facebook account, click "Connect with Facebook" on the DiscoverText.com home page or anywhere else you see it on the site. If you do not yet have an DiscoverText.com account, we'll create one using your Facebook account.

How is my DiscoverText.com activity used on Facebook?
Currently we are allowing you to pull in wall feed and group feed information that you have given DiscoverText permissions to import. This information is private to you and cannot be seen by anyone unless you share it with others.

Data Storage and Privacy

What is your privacy policy for social media activity?
All social media tools are covered by the DiscoverText.com Privacy Policy, but here are some key points: Registration via Third-Party Tools: You can sign up for an DiscoverText.com account by using third-party login credentials, such as your Facebook account information. This single sign-on service allows you to associate your existing third-party profile with an DiscoverText.com account. As part of this process, DiscoverText.com may access certain information contained in your third-party profile, such as your screen name and your profile picture. For full details, please read our Privacy Policy.

Do you store my Facebook data?
When you create an DiscoverText.com account with Facebook or link an existing DiscoverText.com account to your Facebook account, DiscoverText will store select profile information about you (such as your user name and photo) if you have explicitly authorized us to do so during the login or linking process. DiscoverText abides by the data retention guidelines of Facebook.